Portland, ME…Not Portland, OR

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May 20, 2013 by Cody

There is something special about Portland. The boutiques lining the streets of downtown, the lack of McDonalds and other commercial juggernauts, the charming big city on a small parcel feel, the youthful hipster vigor keeping us all artistically inclined, the blue blood yuppies thinking nothing of intermingling with the blue collar construction workers and lobstermen, the ability to walk from a Halal shop on Forest Ave to pick up a fresh cut of lamb, to an alcohol emporium to pick up a fine bottle of Allagash to go with it. You can stroll the streets at night and feel like you are in Mardi Gras at one moment, only to turn onto a side street and hear nothing but a street musician breaking down a melody for no one, and everyone. All of this happening in the anonymous New England stronghold of Maine.

So many people, when they hear the name Portland, immediately jump to the much larger, well known city in Oregon. While that city undoubtedly has it’s own charms, it is not Portland, Maine, and a distinction should be made. The reason why I make this distinction, is because this blog is one firmly based on the culture of this fine city. We are our own people, who take great pride in our local solidarity, residing in a State that allows us to maintain our free spirit. This is an important distinction, on this first post of this new blog, because we aim to not just write about beer, but rather Portland’s culture that exemplifies beer.

Portland Imbiber could task itself as being another beer nerd hideout, but we believe that’s not what drinking beer is about. Reviewing one beer after another is an aimless task, telling readers what brew goes best with a porkchop isn’t interesting reading, and posting cool bubbly photos of “‘good head” is perhaps nerdier than someone unboxing a new iPad on Youtube. We want to bring Portland beer culture to you, and our reflection of how great brews intermingle with great people.


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