Sports Does Not Equate to Bad Beer

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June 1, 2013 by Cody

Ever since my first days of imbibing in college, I have often noticed that sports bars are relegated to the status of the cheapest beer, with most of the establishment’s money being tucked away for TV’s presented at every angle for most sporting events.

I get it. I get that people come to sports bars to catch their favorite sport on high quality television, while partaking in appetizers (or “apps” as my good friend Mark would say), but all too often the “alcohol” portion of the equation is cheap Rolling Rock or Bud Light, amongst others of the same quality.

I remember when I first started appreciating beer years ago during those days college, that dollar drafts at the local waterinImageg hole were popular amongst many of my peers, but I also noticed that a large segment of the population frequenting these establishments would order higher quality brews. Now, I lucked out by attending college in Burlington, Vermont, which is cited as being one of the best beer cities in the United States. Post college, I have spent the last years living in Portland, Maine, so it’s safe to say that I have spent many of my formative adult years presented with the opportunity to engage in healthy doses of fine quality brews. With that said, beer isn’t the be all end  all of life, so a manly dose of sport is good for the heart as well, however, sports bars are often all too keen about limiting their advertising to simply “dollar drafts,” and “ice cold beer.”

I am a firm believer that good beer and sports are not mutually exclusive. People who otherwise drink good beer, are not merely just nerds who attend an endless barrage of beer festivals, we are folks who enjoy engaging in flirting with the sex of our choice, watching our preferred sporting events in the manliest manners possible (or in the manner females deem best in their case), and drinking Allagash Curieux, for example, to help spice up the possibilities of game night.

Drinking good beer should not be relegated to just beer bars. Sports bars, particularly in Portland, should know when to offer high quality brews outside of the standard, sugar invested Shipyard brew. We demand something tasty while watching our sporting events, yet the bars that cater to the sporting crowd often have shit for brains when it comes to this concept. Is it so hard to have a television collective, tuned into the best sports has to offer, while also bringing out the best in beer culture? I know I sound snotty, but even places likeImage 51 Wharf, the proverbial Mecca of dance culture in Portland, has good, solid beers on tap, but when you hit up Pat’s Pizza to watch game 7 of the World Cup Playoffs, you are presented with limited options, and what you do have that could be deemed palatable by a discerning individual, is given second class status at the tap.

Is it so hard to take the aficionado, home grown spirit of The Great Lost Bear, and combine it with a great cable package? Us beer drinkers who like sports demand it, and trust me, if offered, your tips would be out of this world!


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