Playing “Bag A Lady” With a Doctor Without Borders

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June 2, 2013 by Cody

Today has been the perfect day of Maine summer recreation. It was a beautiful day with a nice breeze, which warrants hikes, boating, camping, shopping, or in my case, imbibing. I made the most of my day of course, not just huddling in a corner drinking my beers. I arrived in downtown Portland, quickly found a parking spot on Commercial St. (what?!), and proceeded to wander around the city taking in the shops and people (aka acting like an old person). Like most weekend excursions to the downtown area, I usually end up at some preferred, tried and true watering hole. Today was no different, and my travels led me to the spot of spots for beer enthusiasts — Novare Res.

When I arrived, I fully intended on grabbing a pleasant lunch, a single beer, and then leaving right after. I had finished up my sandwich, and was getting ready to leave, when a well tanned fellow in his late 50’s bounded my way, took a spot at my table asking briskly if “he wouldn’t mind if I joined him.” I, of course, delightfully acknowledged his presence and perked up at this pleasant exchange with a stranger. He introduced himself as David, and we immediately hit it off, talking about the local beer scene and communism.

Now, I suppose I should explain something to people who are unfamiliar with Novare Res, or the beer bar culture. A certain kind of person goes out of their way to frequent an establishment like Novare Res, especially on a Sunday, and the only way I will describe that person is that they are individuals who are intelligent and “worldly” enough to appreciate good beer. I think that I can leave it at that, as I’m sure you readers will be able to identify that type of person in your own brains.

Anyway, David and I got to talking, a pleasant conversatiodemolenbeern between two strangers, about how he was a socialist minded physician who frequently goes to Africa under the Doctors Without Borders program. In fact, sharing a few beers with this guy was quite an inspirational moment…a moment that quickly turned into two dudes eying a few beautiful ladies. And unlike other bars in the area, Novare Res has a unique ice breaker that makes it very easy to talk with women, a bare bones bean bag toss pit (i.e. a “Bag A Lady” pit). Let me say that I am no adonis, not by a long shot, but if you engage in a friendly game of Bag A Lady, or heckle those playing while sitting at your table, you will be guaranteed a conversation with an attractive lass throwing some bags. Realistically, for most men, the hardest part of engaging in conversation with women you don’t know, is the initial contact, so what better way to break that ice than to team up with a communist doctor without borders and toss some bags?

Now I will ruin any potential build up by saying neither me nor the fine doctor went home with any ladies, but the opportunity is there, in the flesh (figuratively and literally), all that one needs is the effort and a few good beers. I can’t guarantee that you will hit the ball out of the park every night, but there are no guarantees in life, only opportunity, and being presented with the opportunity to engage in conversation with someone of your preferred sex, who is more often than not well spoken and a beer connoisseur, is all that anyone can ask. With the only exception being an orgy in a tube.

Brews Imbibed:


De Molen Jaar & Dag
Allagash Blonde
Lagunitas Pale
David the Doctor

Bull Jagger Oaked Dirigo
De Molen Jaar & Dag
Thornbridge Halcyon
Young’s Double Chocolate Stout


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