Beercation: The Beginning


July 26, 2016 by Cody

So it’s only been three years since my last update on Portland Imbiber. Just a paltry sum of…a few hundred days. Nevertheless, the blog is back, and in a big way. This week, I am shedding the confines of every day life, by taking the week off of work, and hitting up breweries all across our great state, with some friends in tow.

I am not going to lie, I really need this week. Not just because I really like beer, but because I need time to think about nothing, and not concern myself with work, or the trivialities and complexities that come with life. Mapping out a plan, and heading in a direction I’ve never traveled, and entering a new brewery filled with beer I’ve never tasted, is an adventure. To some it may seem boring, but for beer geeks like me, it is Mecca.

Before I dive into my travels, I have to give a shout out to my parents.  They are always supportive of everything I do, and often will take great interest in what makes me tick. As it relates to beer, my Dad, who enjoys craft brew but is no connoisseur by admission, still loves that I love beer, and will gladly try new beers I offer up. My Mom is the furthest from being a beer nerd, but she will take sips gladly, and will always grin and bear it, or find some modicum of enjoyment of some random beer that she’d never think of tasting on her own.

The reason why I bring this up specifically as it relates to this week, is because this week also contains my birthday, and as part of my gift, my Dad went to my favorite beer haunt, and purchased some tender vittles for my enjoyment. Nothing fancy, but as thoughtful as you can possibly get as a parent who knows their kid. Thanks Pops!


Haul contains Liquid Riot Headstash IPA, Banded Horn Daikaiju Double IPA, and Oxbow Crossfade.

Alright, enough of the sappy shit, now down to the meat and potatoes. I will make a separate entry for each day. Why? Because I am a blog whore who wants to get more traffic. At least I am honest. Stay tuned for my Day One write up in which I tackle Shipyard Brewing, who just recently opened their first true tasting room, Liquid Riot, and Foulmouthed Brewing in South Portland.


One thought on “Beercation: The Beginning

  1. Jeff Plucker says:

    Don’t forget to sample the latest batch of rum while visiting Liquid Riot and give a review.😁 Please.

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