Beercation: Day One Finale! (Foulmouthed Brewing)


August 9, 2016 by Cody

Here we are, wrapping up my first day of Beercation! More than a week later! Nothing like promptness to keep the blood flowin’! I don’t know what that means…anyway.

Foulmouthed Brewing out of South Portland, like many Maine breweries, is a newbie to the scene. And unlike many of the breweries I explored on my week off, I had never had the opportunity to taste any offerings from these folks, nor had I heard many rumblings about them.  So, it seemed like an obvious choice to head out to SoPo in search of adventure, or at least good beer.


I gotta get a better camera…ugh.

The atmosphere of this brew pub (PARENTHETICAL BREAK! Can we please come up with an alternative to brew pub? Those two words together scream decaying cigarettes, 100 years of lacquer, and old men sitting on a corner stool,reading about the Sox in the sports section…in fact, this demands further introspection on a later blog post…/parenthetical rant) was lively and bright. It was plainly obvious that this was a den for the post-mortem work day, where a couple of rounds brought on smiles and lively discussion. As the odd man out with no cohorts, I bee-lined it to an opening at the bar, in between some middle aged ladies, and an older gentleman who was bordering on three sheets.

Upon receiving a menu from an expedient barkeep, I perused the selection, but quickly determined that I simply needed to try everything, which this establishment’s flight was all too willing to ante up.

Garbage Pale Ale
straight up Pale Ale, yo (4.5%)

This is…a real pale ale, not one of those ales that breweries pawn off as simply a pale ale, despite the fact that they know….THEY KNOW, an India belongs in front of it (I’m looking at you Bissell Bros)! Light flavor, light body, light on hops…essentially light on everything that makes up a beer. Despite my staunch defense of the the true pale ale label, this brew does not stand on it’s own too well, with it’s light everything perhaps just being a tad too light. However, when paired with hand cut fries and sriracha mayo, this drank comes alive. At the very least, this beverage helped warm my gullet for what was to come. RECOMMENDED WITH DELICIOUS FRIES

Lemonless Lemonade IPA
lemony lemon IPA? (6.5%)

Similar to Garbage, but with more of a hop bite. Foulmouthed claims dramatic lemon flavors can be had here with hops galore, but I feel uninspired, so much so that I am not going to write a third sentence about it. NOT RECOMMENDED…maybe with fries

Kaizen Saison
will there be continuous improvement? (7%)

Whoa Nelly, here we go! Just a perfectly peppery saison! A fantastically smooth mouthfeel, great lacing (well made beer, amiright?), vibrant light gold and not too heavy on the seasoning. This is a surprise and a half. So often Americans suck at making real saisons, but this one was on point in a big way. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Iron Goddess
saison brewed with tea and honey (7.2%)

Total juice bomb! Absolutely brilliant use of honey in this beer. Tons of complexity to this with the saison deliciousness as I’ve come to learn from this brewery, and just the right amount of sweetness from the honey, and richness from the tea. It’s almost as if you split Kaizen with some white peach tea. Favorite so far! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Coconut Cream Stout
stout w/ toasted coconut and lactose (4.2%)

Lactose in porters/stouts is hit or miss for me with the sweet milky byproduct taking center stage, but with this concoction, it is most warranted. Initially the toasted coconut is not apparent, and resulted in a slight disappointment for me. Because this is such a light bodied stout (sorry to mince words here with the brewery, but doesn’t this qualify as a porter? Just saying…), all the flavors that can be mustered must be apparent. As I drank on though, I began to taste the coconut sneaking in (including the toastiness!) on the backend of each sip, along with a nice bittering, dark chocolate and currant on the front end. This one was a grower for sure. RECOMMENDED

Dark & Foamy
Spiced amber ale (7%)

This one ain’t no joke! A heaping load of ginger with a solid brick of malt to back it up. This beer is totally on point with the description, and exactly what one might expect from such a brew. A very high end, distinguished cocktai…I mean ale. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Man, was I ever pleasantly surprised by Foulmouthed! Sitting off all by it’s lonesome on Ocean St (which on a Monday evening was reminiscent of some street in Vanilla Sky), but with all the much deserved fanfare one could muster, inside! Any self respecting beer drinker needs to hit up this creative…*sigh* brewpub.

That’s it for now, on to day two!


One thought on “Beercation: Day One Finale! (Foulmouthed Brewing)

  1. I did want to find out if there is a bike rack outside? When I go I want to park (the car) and ride (the bike). Can I order takeout (the beer)?

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