Getting Lost in Shapleigh: Beercation Day Two


August 12, 2016 by Cody

Note to self, Route One does not go through Shapleigh Maine. I, of course had to learn this the hard way while attempting to take the scenic Route One to visit SoME Brewing and Hidden Cove down South. And like any good horror film, I took the wrong fork in the road.

My journey began with my roommate Patrick and his girlfriend Emilie hitching a ride to come join me in my drinking escapades. It was shaping up to by a beautiful day, and we were all thirsting for tasters. We ventured off on the aforementioned Route One, hoping to catch glimpses of all the sights that make this stretch worth driving (big ass Native American statues, Funtown/Splashtown, the Ogunquit Playhouse…a veritable Route 66), and fully expecting a frolicking, “brief” road trip.

Instead, what was supposed to be a gingerly guided tour of the magical world of the Maine coastal community, turned into bumfuck Shapleigh Maine (no offense Shapltons, or do you prefer Shapleighite?). How did we end up in the middle of nowhere you may ask? I have no damn clue. You see, I am more directionally challenged than a blind toaster strudel. I am fucking terrible at finding anything. With that said, I was damn confident we were tooling along in the only logical direction, until I wasn’t. Alas, common sense prevailed, and technology ended up ruling the day. My cohorts with working GPS’ on the smartphones, were able to lead us to the promised land known as SoMe Brewing.

20160726_163345Located in what amounts to a strip mall, SoMe is a very unassuming nook off of an average thoroughfare in York. We all grabbed our preferred choice in flights, and went to sippin’.

Nubble Weiss
berliner weiss (4%)

Very light grapefruit color, which, dare I say, was a bit pretty? Very smooth, crisp, and with just the right amount of tart. Super refreshing, and rivals my personal fave, White Birch’s Berliner. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Denthead Hefeweizen
hefeweizen (5.4%)

Quite bitter for a hef was my immediate thought upon my first sip. Great, banana flavor on the back end, but not really sure that initial bitterness works for such a jovial style. Need to try more to make up my mind. Oh, and the beer has a delightful sparkly head. NEED MORE DRANK

Crystal Persuasion
double pale ale? what does that mean? (8.2%)

Really gorgeous golden crystal color that emanates throughout the taster. Had to take a moment to look into the soul of this one. This puppy has a great balance of malt and bitterness, which is difficult to find with malt heavy double IPA’s. An enjoyable bruiser this be, but can’t we call a spade a spade? This ain’t no double pale ale, whatever that means.RECOMMENDED
Personality Crisis
sweet fern gruit (6.6%)

Now boarding…flight delicious, one way to the isles of flavorsplosion! I really loved this beer! Top to bottom jam packed with unrelenting herbal flavors and juicy hops. It devolves into more of a traditional American IPA, but the joyride is significant nonetheless. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

My notion of SoMe up until this point, hadn’t been all that great. I had a couple of their darker varietals, particularly their Whoopie Pie Stout, and they made me want to punch a baby I was so irritated, but what a transformation of opinion I’ve had after my visit. Perhaps my favorite of the trip so far? Still plenty to go!

I know I said I’d combine the day today, but I am tired, so screw that notion. I’ll pump out the jams this weekend, I promise. Until next time lords and ladies.


2 thoughts on “Getting Lost in Shapleigh: Beercation Day Two

  1. In retrospect, your pointing out your buddy’s house in Lyman should’ve been my first clue that we had long ago abandoned Route 1, but I tend to get lost in daydreams in the backseat. I blame Saco.

  2. I enjoyed the beer review but would like to have an idea of the atmosphere of the place and if there is a menu. I want the whole experience.

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