The Feeling of the Perfect Beer


August 21, 2016 by Cody

The perfect beer is the most simple thing in the world. It matches up with the combination of the right atmosphere, and your DNA. You feel the laughter of your friends, the taste of the food on your plate, and the beautiful breeze in the air. The unacquainted excitement of talking to a new girl. The sorrow and dark depths of losing a familiar girl. Watching the sunrise in a foreign city, or mowing the lawn in 90 degree heat. Spending hours telling stories with long lost friends, or having your first beer with your son. Impromptu Irish dancing, and acoustic guitars. Dare I say, getting buzzed the first time on a really, really, good fucking beer?

Beer is stoic, unbridled, untamed and perfect. It reflects your sudden realization of enjoyment. The world doesn’t matter, and that sip means everything in the moment. Moments are what make up who we are, and beer adds the color to our memories. The perfect amount of hops, the perfect level of malts…everything matters.

I don’t know, maybe I am over-emphasizing beer’s importance, but for people who really, really enjoy and appreciate the suds, many of life’s finest memories involve beer. It just fits. Beer is not “necessary,” beer is not life giving, but beer defines memorable times. So the next time you are in a favorable setting, with favorable people, don’t skimp on shitty beer. Flip to the back of the beer menu, and donate to your taste buds, and your memories.


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