True Love is Helles

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October 1, 2016 by Cody

When I started this blog, I wanted it to be as much about people, as it would be about beer. Without people, beer is just a tasty beverage that makes you feel funny when you drink enough of it. When you combine beer with people though, something magical happens; beer makes sense as something more than just a drink.

20160917_183915My friends Matt and Amanda recently tied the knot at Bradbury Mountain Berry Farm in Pownal. Both are also self confessed beer geeks who are deeply involved in the local beer scene. They regularly frequent the Industrial Way breweries, to the point that they have developed friendships with some of the brewe20160917_192944rs, particularly those at Bissell Bros. Matt and Amanda are great people, with a keen love for local brew.

So what does their getting married have to do with beer? When you combine beer and people, something magical happens (and no, I am not talking about alcoholism). Matt and Amanda as a couple are not mutually exclusive from beer, in fact, it’s the opposite. Matt and Amanda are a couple, in large part, because of beer. That, and Amanda’s ability to cook awesome fucking food.

Beer is a part of the lives of people who appreciate it. When you go out, you have a beer, and form memories with friends. When you go out on a first date and bond over your love of IPA’s, have dinner with your boss and realize you both plan to order the same beer, laugh at your friends who hate beer, trying that sour you love for the first time and grimacing, all are indelible memories that are intertwined with the suds. 20160917_173922Matt and Amanda’s wedding is a celebration of their new nuptials, and that celebration must be marked by beer as a key ingredient.

Friends of theirs, Nate and Tim, brewed up a batch of helles lager, aptly named True Love is Helles, and the couple’s friendship with the folks at Bissell Bros blossomed into a celebratory batch of Seed, their ale brewed with a metric shit ton of strawberries and raspberries from the berry farm that this wedding was being held at. Both kegs were incredibly delicious, and perfect for a late summer wedding. In fact, both were kicked in record time, which sent the house scurrying to round up some extra Bissell cans to quell a mass uprising!

Nate, Tim and the folks at Bissell are indicative of people and beer celebrating people and beer, and I’m sure that’s exactly what Matt and Amanda envisioned for their day. Cheers to memories!


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