Beerventure! Maine Beer Company

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March 10, 2017 by Cody

It has been awhile since I’ve done a real beerventure (aka beercation) piece. Life happens, and other creative ideas happen that seem to take precedence over what amounts to a brewery review, but now I think I need to get back on the wagon so to speak, and regale the masses with another Maine brewery experience.

20160729_141709In this edition, I journey to Freeport Maine, where one of the most respected breweries in Maine calls home. Maine Beer Company (MBC for short) is most known for the popular Lunch IPA, as well as their highly sought after white whale double IPA, Dinner. The thing about MBC though, is that they are so much more than just these two brews, in fact they are probably the most consistent, high quality purveyor of ultra fresh hoppy beers in the state.

On this trip (just one of many over the years), I sat down in their beautiful tasting room off of Route One, with a platter of tasters and nothing but time to savor each sip.

A Tiny Beautiful Something
american pale ale

I begin with one of MBC’s regular line up, and also one of it’s most respected. This ale is not only very light and fruity, but it bears no bitter aftertaste, which to me is a hallmark of all MBC pale ales. This is a refreshing, quintessential American pale ale with a light citrus and floral aroma. An absolute essential pale ale to try in Maine. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Pilot 11?
american india pale ale

I believe at the time of this tasting, this was pilot batch 11, but my dumb ass forgot to add the number. Anyway, based on my description, it’s very clear this is an IPA, in fact, this is MBC’s spiciest and most piney beer I’ve tasted. Very juicy, and of course not bitter at all. This brew also looks filtered, which is unusual. Once again though, an incredibly treat from MBC. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

20160729_135138Beer II
american india pale ale

And we are back to that familiar, golden, unfiltered hue we all know and love. This is almost an unfiltered version of Pilot 11, though a little less spicy, but maintains plenty of juice. This is, once again, a super refreshing IPA with a fantastic level of carbonation that only heightens the experience. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

american amber ale

This was one of MBC’s first beers, and it has definitely held up over the years, despite being surrounded by hops. Zoe is malt forward, with a well balanced formula of fruit and brown sugar, while maintaining that familiar piney bite despite its maltiness. There is also a bit more bittering on the back end, which is appropriate for the style. Zoe is a landmark among amber beers in America. This brew is truly a tour de force, and in my humble opinion, does not get it’s just deserves in a nation with an extremely hoppy palate. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

As expected, my trip bore delicious fruit, and my first beerventure with a perfect round of high recommendations. Go grab a beautiful beer, and buy some cramp ons at LL Bean or something, but make sure you get a drink!




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